Remembering Cassie Blog

Spring 2021 – There are always new memories that come up in our lives about Cassie. Recently we were going through our keepsake box and we found this letter that she wrote to us several years ago. We were going through a very difficult chapter in our lives – Tim was laid off and out of work for 2 years.  Because Cassie had such a sweet, wonderful and caring heart she sent us the following letter, directing our eyes to the Lord.

Everything is Copacetic with Cassie

Six years ago Cassie entered heaven.  Everything is "copacetic" with her, she is with Jesus.  I miss her every day, she is in my mind and memory and nothing can erase her from it.  I am thankful to God for the privilege of knowing her - it is God who allowed her into...

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Feeling Reflective

There isn’t really an emoticon for how I’m feeling. Emotional looked too sad. Yes, I am sad, but more reflective. Today my Sister, my Parents Daughter, and many, many people’s friend has been in heaven 5 years. And the world sort of fades away today as I take time to...

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Cassie’s Promotion to Heaven

Earlier today, Cindy posted a moving story recounting a very emotional time for us all. It was a small glimpse into what she experienced and felt during Cassie's final days this side of Heaven, and reflections from throughout the five years since. Like pedestrians on...

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