Here I am again, Cassie, missing you as much or even more than I did a year ago.  In five more days it will be seven years since you passed from this life onto eternity.  I just finished going through your photos on this website and your smile still amazes me – it is so bright, and cheery, and seeing it in the pictures makes me smile in return.  I miss seeing you smile at me every day, however, I don’t miss your trouble-making spirit but when I think about it that was what made you “you”.   

I don’t usually like to address a person who has passed away and speak as if they can hear me or that my comments make a big difference to them.  This year I have chosen to write as if I was speaking to you directly.  However, if you were here standing in front of me I would tell you “I love you, Cassie and miss you very much!”  I would ask you “do you remember what I whispered in your ear the evening you left this earth?”  One of the things I said to you was “I’ll see you on the other side.”  I am still waiting to catch up with you in heaven – what a glorious day that will be seeing you and our Jesus.  Let’s go for a walk with Him, okay!  Hugs!