There isn’t really an emoticon for how I’m feeling. Emotional looked too sad. Yes, I am sad, but more reflective.

Today my Sister, my Parents Daughter, and many, many people’s friend has been in heaven 5 years. And the world sort of fades away today as I take time to reminisce, remember and honor her.

Not going to write a lot because if you knew her, you knew her. But I will say she was a complicated, remarkable, and beautiful (sometimes scary undecidedtongue-outperson). And I loved her deeply as she did me. She was giving, loving, caring and unselfish even when not noticed or recognized by others. Often in her life sadly her mental illness and other disabilities/issues overshadowed who she really was. But towards the end of her life everyone saw it clearly. She handled her cancer, the pain, and her prognosis with such incredible grace that her strength could only have come from her faith and reliance on her Heavenly Father.

I miss you so very much Cassie. I often lamented the trials you had throughout your lifetime. I didn’t understand why you had to live with suffering on multiple levels (some self inflicted from sin, but much if not most, not). But I see now God used you to help form and mold the woman I am today. He used you to help form the gift of compassion/mercy in my heart and mind. I know I would have been a different person entirely if I wouldn’t have had you as my sister. And I’m only one person touched by your love and life. There are hundreds more.   💗 💕

Here are a few pictures (you may have seen before on Facebook) but I kind of compiled them chronologically and to tell a bit of a story. I hope you can see how God used her story, and her love/compassion for others to further His love and Gospel. She (especially towards the end) was a willing vessel for Him.

Happy 5-year Anniversary in heaven Sis! I love and miss you so very much, and can’t wait to hug you again. sealed  💗   💙


Collage of Cassie Mrva